Mount Bromo Weather

Mount Bromo Weather, the actually weather in mount bromo have 2 season. Dry season and rainy season but come in the transition of dry and rainy season is a very appropriate decision is it on April until July.
If come in dry season on late of june until November, you will see all the scenery is brown color and every day you can see the beauty of sunrise from view point.

Mount Bromo Weather

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Come in rainy season on December until late of June, Your luck will be at stake to get the best sunrise in bromo mountain because sunrise can’t be seen every day.
You will find the true beauty of bromo mountain during the transition of dry and rainy season. If you are lucky you will get a beautiful view of the sunrise and mt bromo filled with clouds, Savana or teletubbies and mount bromo caldera still green color.

Many tourists are afraid to come to Mount Bromo and Ijen crater during the transition of dry and rainy season due to many considerations. They are worry  can’t being able to see the beauty of the sunrise and the scenery in bromo mountain.

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Weather :

The scenery around bromo mountain during the transition of dry and rainy season will look more beautiful than the dry season. During transition of dry and rainy season the grass and trees will become green color and in the dry season looks yellow even some black due to forest fires.

Actually it all depends on our luck each, the greatest opportunity to enjoy the beauty of sunrise that is in the dry season. During the dry season you will not see clouds that fill the sea of sand around the mt bromo because there is a strong wind.

Temperature :

Rainy season more warmer than the dry season, temperatures are in the range of 12 ° C – 20 ° C in the rainy season while in the dry season the temperature is in the range of 5 ° C – 15 ° C and can reach 0 ° C at a certain time. October is the beginning of the rainy season and the peak of the rainy season on January, February and March. Rainfall on May has started to fall and april until May is the ending of  rainy season.

Mount Bromo Weather