Wonderful of Kawah Wurung

Kawah Wurung, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater Tour – Kawah Wurung is one of the wonderful savannah at Ijen vulcano area Bondowoso city. The hills in this place are covered by green grass, so you can see the beauty of surround green grass. The location of Kawah Wurung is still one location with ijen crater. So it’s possible if you want to visit Kawah Wurung before or after visit Ijen Crater.

To visiting Kawah Wurung, you need one and half hours from Bondowoso city by car or 30 minutes if from Ijen Crater.  If you stay at homestay in Sempol village. You can explore the village with visiting like waterfall, coffee plantations, coffee factory. If you have planning to visit Ijen Crater, very recomended to visiting Kawah Wurung. You can choosing your accomodation at homestay in Sempol village. Sempol village has some tourist destination like coffee plant, coffe factory, Belawan waterfall and Kawah Wurung.

Wonderful of Kawah Wurung

Kawah Wurung, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater Tour

The location of Sempol village is in a mountains valley of Ijen vulcano. So you will feel the fresh air typical of mountains with tropic forest. Most popular journey starting from Surabaya visiting Mount Bromo stay overnight in Cemoro Lawang then go to Ijen Crater and last back to Surabaya or directly to Bali via ferry in Ketapang Banywangi.

Minimum the duration of juorney is 3 days 2 nights, but if you have more time, very recomended to stay one more night in Sempol village. So you can enjoying the journey without no to rush in every tourist destination.

The Itinerary Kawah Wurung, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater Tour :

Mount Bromo

Day 1 : Pick Up in Surabaya

  • The tour will starting from pick up you in Surabaya Airport, Hotel or Train Station
  • Meet and graet with our team ( driver and tourist guide ) then drive to Cemoro Lawang village for about 3 hours driving
  • You can stop everywhere to find out restaurant, toilet or minimart during the journey
  • Arrive in Cemoro Lawang village, check in hotel for Bromo and rest

Day 2 : Mount Bromo Tour – Ijen Crater Tour

  • Wake up early morning at 2:00 am for preparation sunrise tour
  • At 2:30 am leave hotel to go to Mt Penanjakan ( sunrise view point ) accompany with our tourist guide by using 4WD jeep for about 40 minutes
  • Reach at Mt Penanjakan rest and drink hot coffee, tea etc to warm body until sunrise in small warung
  • At 5:00 am the sunrise is processing, leave the warung and our tourist guide will take you the good spot for sunrise
  • Enjoy the beauty of sunrise and surrsounding of Mount Bromo until finish
  • Back to jeep in parking area, then go to down to sea of sand, the next photo spot with background Widodaren and Batok Mountain, take picture with jeep until finish
  • Leave Widodaren to go to Bromo Crater, jeep will park one kilometer before the crater, from jeep parking are you can walk or rent horse to go to the crater
  •  Accompany with tourist guide to go to lips of bromo crater, enjoy the phenomenon of active volcano and the surround from the top of Bromo, take picture until finish and back to jeep
  • Jeep will take you back to the hotel for have breakfast, take shower and rest enoughly
  • Leave hotel ( check out ) to go to homestay or hotel for ijen in Bondowoso city
  • Arrive at homestay or hotel ( check in ) and rest

Day 3 : Kawah Wurung, Waterfall and Coffee Plant

  • Wake up at 7:00 am and have breakfast in hotel restaurant
  • At 8:00 am leave hotel to go to Kawah Wurung for about 30 minutes ( if stay in Sempol village )
  • Arrive in Kawah Wurung and enjoy the beauty of nature and surrounding until finish
  • Continue to coffee plantation, Belawan waterfall, and coffee facto
  • Back to hotel and rest for preparation ijen blue flame tour next day

Day 4 : Ijen Blue Falme Tour – Ketapang Port Bali / Surabaya

  • Wake up early at 12:00 am for preparation ijen blue falme tour
  • At 12:30 am leave hotel ( check out if go to Ketapang port dirct to Bali ) to go to Paltuding ( ijen parking area ) for about 45 minutes from Sempol village
  • Arrive at 1:15 am in Paltuding and starting trekking accompany with tourist guide for about one and half hours by foot
  • Reach at the top of Ijen volcano, enjoy the beauty of blue flame, sunrise, green lake and traditional minner activity until finish
  • Back to paltuding, meet with our driver there and directly transfer you to Ketapnag ferry port for about one and half hours diving ( or back to hotel if transfer to Surabaya for about 7 hours driving )
  • Arrive in Ketapang ferry port or Surabaya hotel and tour finish

Kawah Wurung, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater Tour